How I Was “Abel” to decide on Oxy

I chose Oxy out of the many schools I applied to because of its location, reputation, and campus atmosphere. When I visited Oxy two years ago, I loved the small class sizes and the engaging professors who are not just focused on research, like many professors at the larger universities I applied to. I also loved the vibe of the students, who all seemed happy to be there and welcoming to all other students. Also, coming from Chicago (or “Chiberia” as it has recently been called during the polar vortex), I was quite keen on LA’s Southern California climate. Now I get to tell my friends back in Illinois that it’s 80 degrees in January! Besides the weather, I loved the fact that Oxy was a liberal arts school in one of the most diverse and culturally engaged cities in the world. There are many academic and extracurricular opportunities both on campus and off campus in the wonderful city of Los Angeles. So far, I am very happy with my decision to come here!


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