How will I make the most of my college experience?

When choosing a college that I would be attending a year ago, I took many things into account—size, location, teaching quality, atmosphere, and much more. I ultimately chose to come to Oxy for its uniqueness. It has the best of both worlds, being a small liberal arts school in a large city (that also happens to have the best weather in the country.) So far, I think I made a great choice to come here! I have already had so many memorable experiences here. From the beginning of the school year, I made amazing friends that will probably lifelong friends. It’s really hard to find someone here who isn’t super friendly! My friends have helped shape who I am, and they have introduced me to many different cultures. They have helped me with homework, helped me through personal issues, and best of all have had fun with me. Living in Los Angeles, it’s very tempting to explore the city and take advantage of city life. My friends and I have been to restaurants around Eagle Rock and a few other neighborhoods of LA. We have also gone on weekend excursions to the concerts, the beach, and museums. Of course, college wouldn’t be college without the academics. I have had very engaging professors in a variety of intriguing disciplines, and class conversations and assignments have helped expand my knowledge and open my mind to new perspectives. All of this has happened in merely my first year.

During my remaining three years at Oxy, I plan on continuing to learn from professors and peers and to take advantage of the city around me. I want to go on several hiking trips before I graduate, go on a trip to Disneyland (I’ve been to Six Flags already). Also, since I’m living in California and hope to live here the rest of my life, I plan on learning how to skate or surf. If I have enough time, I would love to study abroad for a semester. Additionally, I plan on using the skills and knowledge I’ve learned at Oxy in summer internships (starting next summer). Though I will be focusing in on my major starting junior year, I hope to take interesting courses outside of my major. Oxy has an expansive course offering for such a small school. Finally, I hope to do research in computer science at some point in the next three years. If I am able to accomplish all of these things, I will have checked off everything on my college “bucket list.”


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