Project Charters (Due Jan 26)

Due Monday Jan 26th by 11:59pm.

Submit by dragging your document into this Google Drive folder.

Your team will meet face-to-face outside of class to negotiate its own charter for the semester-long speculative education design project. The format should be shaped by the conversations, agreements, and disagreements you have among yourselves. Here are some suggested subheadings as well as some guiding questions:

Core Values
What are the values you share when it comes to working with others?
What general principles you can return to when you face a disagreement or uncertainty?
Goals and Outcomes
What do you most hope to achieve by the end of the project? You may consider a particular product, quality of your work together, a particular group process and/or experience.
How will you determine whether you have met your goals?
Roles and Responsibilities
This particular project requires shared responsibilities and designated roles or functions.
What are your shared responsibilities?
Who will take the following roles:
  1. content and project management
  2. images and graphics
  3. audio/video
  4. data crunching and data viz
How will you ensure an equitable work load? What will you do in the event that one of you faces an emergency or personal crisis? What will allow you to feel that it is fair to take and receive shared credit for the work?

See examples of other project charters from the Praxis Program, part of the Praxis Network, at the University of Virginia.


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