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Managing Information for this Course

This course is designed to offer interactivity beyond the classroom walls. Toward this end, we will use several on-line tools to manage information for this course. These tools are listed below with links, a description of their purpose and use, and links to additional documentation.


WordPress is the content management system that powers this course site. In this course you will be asked to post your Reflections here and encouraged to comment on the posts of other participants. Remember that this site, unlike Moodle, is PUBLIC. Anyone, including future employers or the authors of our readings, can see what you post immediately and into the foreseeable future. I encourage you to create a pseudonym for your user name, to write well, and to write thoughtfully.

To create a post, you must first create your account through the email you received from wordpress and then log in. Once you are logged in you should see a dark gray tool bar across the top of the page. You can create a post either by clicking the +pencil button on the upper right. To help maintain the organization of our course content and to make your post visible on the appropriate pages, please be sure to Categorize your post as a “Reflection” by checking the categories in the Categories box to the right.

For more information on how to post to WordPress, see this more detailed explanation. For tips on writing for a blog, see this article from Sophie Pawlowski, ECLS major and Digital Scholarship Student Assistant, class of 2013.

https://i2.wp.com/moodle.pgcps.org/file.php/1/images/mosiac-moodle.jpgMoodle, which you’ve likely used before in other Oxy courses, is a learning management system that powers our class email list, houses subscription-based electronic course readings. The Moodle site is the PRIVATE counterpart to this wordpress course site and available only to enrolled students, the instructor and any invited Oxy contributors.


We will use Google Drive (in OxyConnect) to share documents and submit media and written assignments in this course. Google Drive allows you to collaboratively write and comment upon documents, and share files easily while backing up your work. The best way to learn Google Drive is to try it.

https://i1.wp.com/gallery.mailchimp.com/92bfba955449a861bee58de81/images/zotero_sticker.1.1.jpgZotero is a citation management app that helps you gather, organize and insert citations in the proper format. I highly recommend it for building your personal collection of academic sources and have created a shared class folder of resources. Feel free to contribute resources to this shared folder. See more information on downloading and using Zotero.


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