Dystopic Scenario for 2014 Colleges

  • The average cost of an in-state public school costs about $22,826 per year in comparison to the average private university which costs over $44,750 per year.
  • A typical families plan for paying for college includes: 30% grants/scholarships, 27% parent income and savings, 18% student borrowing, 11% student income and savings, 9% parent borrowing, and 5% from relatives/friends.
  • In 2013, 70% of graduates were an average of $28,400 in debt.
  • Between 2007 through 2012, unemployment rates for graduates was at about 6%.
  • The average graduate does not get a job, directly after graduating, that specifically applies to the major they graduated with.
  • On average, a professor at a university is paid between $45,927 to $98,974 (depending on what they teach and institution to which they are employed).

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