Education Through Liberation

Education to me has always been a privilege and I have never thought to question the underlying principles of it. However, after reading about Freire and the other articles, I realize that our education system is flawed in that students are not truly learning. Although education is supposed to be “liberating,” it is considered disconnected now because the faculty student relationship demonstrates the inequality faced by many students. In the book Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Freire discusses how the professors “seem enthralled by the exercise of power and authority within their mini-kingdom, the classroom” (17). His description of how professor seem to act is relatable as I can compare that to my experiences in some classes. I realize that I am passively learning rather than actively participating and taking in knowledge. In some ways, I feel that some students have reached a point of passiveness where they would rather passively learn and actively learn—which is alarming. I also find the terms he uses such as “mini-kingdom” powerful because it perfectly describes how some professors act and how students are treated as subjects rather than equals.

I believe that in a classroom (and as stated by Freire) that professors should be vulnerable and should also be learning—rather than always teaching. The progressive professors are setting an example of what a true classroom setting should be like—where students are able to learn and speak up and voice their opinions on the subject they are learning about; this way, students are engaged in their classes and are actively learning the material thoroughly instead of just blandly memorizing materials and facts.


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