The Imperfect Teaching Model

Education is unarguably one of the most important parts of our modern society. There are many programs that try to bring better education to countries that have poor systems. That it why it seems strange to talk about the oppressive aspect of education. In the book Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire speaks to the idea that the traditional teaching style is oppressive to the students and the teacher. After reading some of his work, I was able to relate to what he was talking about. The method of teaching where students are given information that they are then required to memorize, is limiting in several ways. Students commonly take in the information for a few weeks just so they can spit it back out on a test. This way many students do not really absorb information, and therefore, do not really learn anything aside from bettering their ability to memorize information. Of course, memorization is a good skill to learn; especially when learning another language, and the main objective of the class is to have the student be able to remember how to use another language.
Another limitation is, when one teacher is given power to teach their knowledge and the students are only allowed to listen, they are limited to that teachers knowledge. For example, in writing classes students often learn to write in the way that the specific teacher likes it, and then again for the next one. Students cannot develop their own voice as writers because they are limited to mimicking specific teachers’ styles of writing. Furthermore, the system of education that is currently used in the U.S.A does not encourage people to work together. Throughout kids education they pitted against one another to see who deserves to go to better colleges. In order to rank each student they receive grades that reflect their work. This system favors the willpower of students over the actual education, and teaching becomes more about the grades than it does the learning.
Regardless of the limitations that modern teaching has, it still does allow students to grow as individuals and expand their knowledge. The system of grading that I criticized previously does teach the life skill of being punctual and helps students prepare for careers outside of the classroom. Furthermore, said method gives students motivation to complete their work well, and have it in on time. Having a teacher that controls the classroom ensures that the class will meet their requirements and goals, rather then getting caught up on a topic for to long.
Over all, I believe that the education system I went through is not terrible. I feel as though the very fact that I am able to criticize it means that I learned more than just disposable facts.


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