Research Assignment 2 – Images of Learning (Due Feb 4)

Bring two images of learning that show your educational philosophy. One image may be found online and the other should be an original image you create. Before searching or shooting images write notes for yourself about what is most important to you about the value of education. Try to increase your specificity in order to create more meaningful / powerful images.

Upload your photos to this folder on Google Drive. In class we will review these images and use them to start a project in Global Crossroads.

Use this process…

Searching for Images in Google:

  • If you wanted to find an image to represent learning, what search terms would you use?
  • Try the terms. What do you get?
  • Do the groupings of images at the top represent your ideas well? Avoid stock photos and clip art.
  • What are the limitations of your results?
  • Adapt your search terms accordingly
  • Also try advanced search (found under the settings gear icon) to determine image size, color, type, domain
  • Try other spaces like Wikimedia Commons, Flickr Commons

The image you choose should speak for itself. Try asking a friend what the image conveys to him/her and see if the response matches the ideas you created in your notes.

Shooting Images:

You may use your own digital camera or phone or you may check out a camera from the Critical Making Studio on the ground floor of the Academic Commons (check out hours are M-F 10am-3pm).

  • First determine what you want to capture. Write your ideas down in your own notebook.
  • Take an ethnographic approach. Try to capture a place, activity, or interaction as it is happening rather than staging a photo to represent something. To do this, spend some time looking for relevant settings and interactions. You may want to capture something about a particular classroom, a way of studying, or push the definition of what counts as “learning” or what makes a “learning space.”
  • Shoot a few images so that you can choose the one that works the best. Ask a friend to see what image they find most meaningful and compelling.

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