Project Milestone 2 – Project Proposal Draft (Due Feb 9 by 11:59pm)

Draft your ideas for the Experimental College Speculative Design Project.

Part 1: The Big Idea

Offer preliminary answers to the following questions:

  • A stated mission and vision (what is most important about the educational experience? What is the relationship between this college and a students’ career, community, or place in the world?)
  • Student outcomes (what specific benefits will students gain from the college?)
  • A tangible structure (is it online or in person, within existing schools or its own school, is it a company, a non-profit, or a grassroots network, etc.)
  • A revenue source that covers expenses (what are your expenses? how will you raise funds?)
  • A target audience (who is your college for? how will you reach these potential students and convince them to join you?)

Part 2: Inventory of Visual Elements

Provide an preliminary inventory that describes the visual materials or “products” that will demonstrate your design. Consider the tools available to you in the Critical Making Studio and the affordances of the Global Crossroads app.

Part 3: Timeline and Specs

Create a timeline for your group to complete the following:

  • A written mission statement and vision
  • A value proposition statement, a pitch, or a manifesto. In your proposal, choose one and write a sentence about why you made that choice. 
  • Images (what does a “classroom” look like? what might student work look like? what does daily life look like?)
  • Digital or hand drawn sketches of the college that indicate how its set up and how it relates to its surrounding environment
  • Statistics and/or a data visualization that explains how the design relates to trends in higher education over time
  • Video or audio that conveys the overall idea to an external audience

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