Paulo Freire

When we talk about education, we often discuss how it is important for children to go through the educational process because of how eye-opening it is or how it is vital to the growth of the independent thinking of an individual. I held this belief while reading Paulo Freire, but he had a very much contradicting view to the one discussed above. He believed that education is actually used as a tool of oppression. And after reading it I must say I am slightly persuaded by him

He mentioned in Chapter 1 how many of the teaching are “mechanical” and much knowledge are simply copy and pasted. The teacher writes, the student jots it down and memorise the data, but it is never fully processed. This therefore creates a falsified image of intelligence in some people and therefore “projecting an absolute ignorance onto others, a characteristic of the ideology of oppression.”

In some ways after reading the articles, I felt that I agreed with Freire on part of his theory. Some disciplines in education such as sciences and maths do benefit from the assembly line like education where the teacher offers the answer and the students remembering it, this is because mostly in these subjects, there is often only one correct answer. As compared to other subjects such as English or humanities where the correct answer could be muddled, the oppressing education might actually back fire as this discourages student and creates a negative working environment. In these subjects the professor should engage in the learning process with his or her students through learning himself/ herself as well.


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