What kind of education generates democratic community?

After reading the three readings I have concluded that the best education to generate a democratic community is one that is progressive and multifaceted. In order to keep a functioning society in which a democracy can prosper one must first make sure that the students are interested and want to be involved in their society. They must understand that they are citizens and they have a duty to let their voices be heard and present in the politics of their country. As Robert Hutchins explains in his journal, The College and the Needs of Society, the best way to “make students better citizens of a more democratic society is to have them understand what a democratic society is, why it is the best, and how to think, as free men ought to think about new problems as they present themselves” (pg. 179, Hutchins). He believes that students should understand their responsibility in their society and be able to comprehend the disputes and controversies which are present between their fellow citizens. People must not be too ignorant or afraid of becoming involved in Democracy. It is their right to be heard and have a voice in the decisions which are being made in their country. Hutchins believes that “the best method of preparing the student to be a member of the world community… is to develop his rational powers and immerse him in the cultural history of the race” (pg. 180, Hutchins). Citizens must understand the history of what people are and what we are capable of as well as the structure and power of the Democratic society. From there the student can apply his learnings and become a functioning, present member in the democratic community. John Dewey explains in the seventh chapter of his book, Democracy and Education, that “society must have a type of education which gives individuals a personal interest in social relationships and control, and the habits of mind which secure changes without introducing disorder” (pg. 7-8, Dewey). There must be a balance of the power and an understanding that although one may have a deep belief to a political view, others have a right to their own as well. Sometimes people may disagree, but in a democracy that is inevitable. Each person has the right to their opinion and since each person’s voice can be heard, there will almost always be a counterbalance in power and no one party will have the ability to reign supreme forever.


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