What kind of education generates democratic community?

The kind of education that is required to establish a progressive democracy, is one that teaches students beyond what is objectively true. However, that is not to say that schools must teach subjective matters to be true. For instance, if students are taught what is believed to objectively true, there is no need to question the way society is run. Students who all believe in the same reality with no differentiation would naturally give rise to a form of government that runs like totalitarian one. Therefore, if there is no need to question what is right, there would be no, or at least very slow, progression in society.
When I refer to a progressive democracy, I define it as a democracy that further develops with time, and is open to drastic changes. For a democratic society to be progressive students must learn to be able to build off of their knowledge, and be open to accepting others. Students who only learn to build off of their own knowledge cannot develop into a progressive democracy. For example, a society who builds only off of what they know can develop new policies and beliefs, but these new beliefs will only be constructed with the foundations that the society already holds to be true, and thus preventing drastic change from occurring. For such changes to occur, an education that promotes and enables students to gain subjective and objective knowledge is required. Furthermore, they must be able to gain said education by means of self study, from an instructor, and from group work (preferably composed of a diverse set of students). With such a set up, students would have the basic requirements for developing a progressive democratic society.


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