Although it is not necessary to receive higher education to gain the skills needed to navigate through the pluralistic world, it is a good route to take. These days, a student can easily learn through all the free information and programs that technology yields, such as Quora and Coursera. Another modern approach towards learning is through pure experience, such as creating a start-up or seeking employment. These modes of learning are extremely useful, but they are not complete. However, higher education, especially the liberal arts, effortlessly exposes students to many different perspectives that come from the education of the many disciplines. And with the liberal arts education, one gets to transform their ideas and put them into action. Through this, “ ‘experience’ then ceases to be empirical and becomes experimental. Reason ceases to be a remote and ideal faculty, and signifies all the resources by which activity is made fruitful in meaning “ (Dewey, 6). As a result, the higher education bridges the gap between the two polarities, experience and knowledge. It becomes extremely valuable because one learns how to not only learn, but also live. If a college does what it claims to do, students will come out with prepared minds that can tackle problems in the changing society and their future professions. Although the liberal arts and vocational colleges approach education differently, both release knowledgeable students into the world. Both colleges require students to take courses that are not related to their major. College as a whole exposes students to an environment that helps them develop their thoughts and beliefs, and harness their interests.


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