The Value of Higher Education

As a second semester first year student at a higher education institution I would say that I’ve recognized the values of having higher education. In conjunction, with the readings for this class I’ve developed more of a sense of why it would seem important to have higher education. Now, I did not realize the values of higher education immediately when I came to this school. In fact it was more like I learned the values the more I spent time here. Before entering college, I thought the value of higher education was to have the opportunity to get a career that can make you more money. Of course that is a positive result of having higher education, but I would not say it is a value of higher education now that I’ve had a little bit more experience. I think I big value of higher education is the fact that spending some time in a higher education institution gives you time to grow more as a young adult and a person. You are faced with new experiences and challenges, and ultimately these experiences can change your life. I feel like college gives you the opportunity to explore yourself and who you are and think about or develop who you want to be and what you want to do in the future. When I graduated high school, I had a very different idea of the person I wanted to be compared to what I envision at this point- and I have only completed one semester of college. I’m sure my interests, ideas, and thoughts for the future will change as I spend more time here. But what I’m saying is I think that higher education is valuable because not only can you learn and have experiences that you could never have elsewhere, but it gives you the chance to grow and develop as a human and start to figure out who you are, which I think is highly important.


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