The Value of Higher Education

I cannot even begin to count the number of times me or one of my peers said, “Ugh. I really don’t want to go to class today.” Many students would not describe waking up, listening to a lecture, going from class to class, and then coming home to sizable amounts of homework every night as an ideal day. Despite this, I do believe that higher education is vital in this fast paced, intellectually growing, and diverse world in which we live. Higher education gives students a foundation that helps students become individuals who can think and analyze critically, see the world from a larger scope, and prepare them for future endeavors and career choices. Hutchins continues about a strong education foundation, “In this view the object of the college is to stimulate its students to want to get an education in their adult lives and to give them the training that will make it possible for them to continue learning and get an education in their adult lives. In no sense is a college education terminal. It is preparatory to more education” (181). Higher education, and liberal arts colleges in particular, supports each and every person’s own growth, development, and thought which helps create a more diverse world. I believe that a liberal arts education helps students see the world from a larger lens by inspiring young adults to analyze, read, write, and develop their own beliefs and arguments. By also promoting intimacy with its small class sizes, faculty and students build strong connections that encourage the students to learn and thrive. Liberal arts colleges do pride themselves on a well-rounded education filled with a broad spectrum of classes that enhance a student’s ability to think critically about the world. These qualities and relationships help students to become more successful after college in their vocation and in the real world. Higher education is so important because we need to create an educated society because without education, we become ignorant and uniformed about global and other pressing issues. Ferrall writes, “Society needs well and broadly educated citizens. The more liberally educated citizens it has, the stronger it will be. Individuals benefit from being well and broadly educated” (16). Clearly, higher education is an essential and crucial part of an individual’s life as it encourages students to think about the world outside of which they live. Higher education, in the form of liberal arts colleges in particular, supports an individual’s own thought through a myriad classes which are essential in creating a diverse community and society.


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