Value of Higher Edjucation

Education at all is a considerable evolutionary miracle. Where we are as humans is not great enough so that all humans can receive higher education. While it is unfortunate, it increases the value of students who have received such education with regards to the workforce. I, however, do not care to dispute the value of humans, and will leave that aspect at the previous statement. For students who are able to attend, college helps students to expand their knowledge, wisdom, skill, and I am sure there are other aspects I am neglecting to credit. College can help students learn about their passions, whether that is building houses or analyzing human behavior. It allows students to learn in a setting where they are allowed, and sometimes encouraged, to make mistakes. This allows students to see what they did wrong, and correct. Students are still expected to keep good academic standing, and that allows them to learn how to cope with stress and time management. However, such things also occur in high-school. So, is college merely an extension of high-school? Well I would say in many ways it is. As I mentioned college can grow students skills, and it has done that for me in the short time I’ve been enrolled. I came in learning how to survive by getting everything I needed from my parents. Of course that could not suffice for my whole life. After about three weeks of being at school I got a severe case mono. For weeks I was locked up in my room with hardly any social interaction. The mixture of sickness and loneliness made brought me into a minor depression as well. The experience helped me develop responsibility for taking care of my body, and has forced me to develop my social skills since I clearly needed some friends to maintain my mental wellness. While not everybody starts school like that, we all have a somewhat similar experience. Showing that college also helps students develop life skills. The higher level of education aspect of college is less consistent. College can help students develop wisdom in seeking a broad set of courses, or develop their knowledge in a very small variety of classes. I think both routes are important, and both will produce capable students. Over all I think higher education is very important.


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