Value of Higher Education

Education as a whole is one of the most important things to me. I love knowing things. Having educated, complex discussions, and discovering ideas and concepts I could never have fathomed before are some of the things I value most in my everday. That feeling of having my eyes opened in an entirely new way is pure awesome. I believe that knowledge is our most valuable asset and although some may disagree, I think that higher education is one of the best forms of obtaining and broadening that asset.

For me, higher education gives me opportunities to learn so much more than I could in my regular life outside of college. It continues my education and specifies it into subjects which I can focus deeply on and hopefully become learned. Being able to go into a room in which there is a paid professional who’s one job it is to teach you their designated subject is so special. I believe that colleges have a higher level of learning which extends your intelligence and thinking capacity to so much more than that of high school graduate. Although I believe that college does give me this variety of knowledge in specific subjects, it also spans further than the classroom and the curriculum. Higher education helps students learn better social skills, collaborative working ability, presentation ability, leadership, self motivation, and even self actualization. For me college is one of the stepping stones towards being the best I can be. I know that sounds corny, but I’m sure that if I had not gone to college I would have regretted missing all of the experiences and the obtainable knowledge that I could have had. In this case ignorance is not bliss, at least not for me.

College also tries to prepare us for the world outside. Higher education tries to help us discover what we enjoy and what we may want to do with our lives. Some colleges help us prepare for specific jobs while others prepare us to be versatile and multi skilled and creative. Different schools provide different education depending on what the student values most whether that be vocational studies or just a broadened spectrum of knowledge and specialties.


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