Value of Higher Education

Higher education is supposedly meant to educate and increase the probability of one succeeding in life—that’s what I have always been taught. Spending more years in school is suppose to help you get richer not only in wealth, but also in knowledge. However, after much thought and readings I have done, I have decided that that answer is in many ways correct, but it is lacking. I believe that a higher education should also enhance one’s social and mental skills.     

Although education may not always be appreciated on a day by day basis, I believe that it is a privilege students should value as not everyone in this society can afford this type of education which can be used to reform and innovate the world. This tool of education is powerful and I believe that rather than focusing on how hard or boring a class is right now, it is beneficial in the long run because it sharpens their critical thinking and analysis. In addition, colleges and universities teaches students about not only academics, but also life lessons because of all the different people you will meet—similar to how the real world would be. With this preparation, students are trained to be ready to handle situations under pressure and other similar real world dilemmas. Thus, I believe that higher education holds a great and powerful value in anyone’s life because it provides them with an priceless experience and tool.


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