Values of Higher Education

In my perspective, there are a couple values of higher education. Not only is the knowledge and skills you’re acquiring at institutions of higher education extremely valuable, but also the experience of learning and physically going off to college is just as important. I see the experience of going to college as a steppingstone into adulthood for students. Most people have been living at home reliant on our parents for eighteen years, and colleges is an easy way to transition from the world of childhood to the world of adulthood. Living without the leash of your parents is a major responsibility and difference that can be definitely difficult for some. Even though it can be difficult, it is vital into becoming yourself and a functioning, productive adult. Higher learning at colleges provides this. Another value of higher education in my opinion is the opportunity it gives you to broaden your knowledge as well as provide you with a variety of new perspectives. I think Paulo Freire puts it best explaining, “Problem-posing educations affirms men and women as beings of the process of becoming…” The value of higher education is to “become”. A higher education that allows you to hone in your problem solving and posing skills is a vessel of becoming your true independent self. It’s a cliché to say college is the time you will discover yourself, to learn about who you really are, to find out what you’re meant for in life, but it wouldn’t be a cliché if at least some of that weren’t true and valued. The value of high education is that it provides young adults a key transitional stage into adulthood as well giving someone the opportunity to truly discover and become him or her self.


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