Critical Thinking

The term critical thinking is a widely used term when it comes to describing a better and more in depth way of learning. Critical thinking is the process of using your mind more intuitively, and thinking deeper about concepts and ideas. Instead of just listening to and writing down information and knowledge to later regurgitate back on a test, critical thinking is truly understanding this information and knowledge, while building upon them. This can be done through further analyzing concepts through discussion with piers and professors, essay writing, and reading multiple and differing texts. This makes a person able to form their own developed opinions and ideas based off analyzing the concept in depth through many different lenses. Creating your own ideas and opinions on a subject through deep analysis is truly what critical thinking is. I think critical thinking can be measured, but only to a certain extent. Effort is a large portion of what goes into successful critical thought. Putting forth a good amount of effort into a topic is the most successful way of critically thinking. You can see the development of someone’s thoughts through their writing and through what they say when discussing, which is a way the success of thinking critically can be measured. However I don’t believe a right or wrong answer is a type of way it can be measured. No ones answers when it comes to analyzing ones thoughts can be either correct or incorrect because we will all have differing, equally important ideas that come from personal places. Judging peoples ideas will only lead to people shying away from expressing what they truly think, which is detrimental to successful critical thinking. So to some extent yes critical thought can be measured by looking at someone’s effort and seeing the development of their ideas, but it cannot be measured in terms of right or wrong conclusions.


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