What Makes A College Expirimental

Admittedly, I could not find the reading The Legacy of a Freedom School by Sandra Adickes. However, I did manage to find the other one. An experimental college is a school that attempts to take the experiences gained from what already exists, and tries to better it. Such schools will try to find everything that works well in a typical college and use that, but at the same time trying to get rid of what the creators think are bad properties. What may seem like a good idea conceptually, may not actually be so in reality. That is why these colleges are ‘experimental’. For instance, making higher education online is a growing trend. It would be significantly cheaper and people wouldn’t have to move or quit their jobs. However, would the benefits outweigh the negatives. Another view could be, we can’t tell how much students are actually learning (and if they are being ethical about it), there is no human interaction, what would the result be on psychological health, students cannot get personal help, etc. Then schools would see how the school turned out, and either forget about the idea or continue to build off the concept. In my opinion, to be considered an experimental college, the school must be significantly different than a typical school. It cannot merely change something like the way the desks are arranged; rather, it would have to change the way the class was taught. An experimental college may also be experimental in regards to how students can afford the school, or other ways that do not necessarily focus on changing the delivery of education. An experimental college, must be experimenting with a significantly different approach to some aspect of higher education.


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