Disruptions in Higher Education

From my understanding, the disruption going on in today’s higher education system is the lack of money and funds institutions are increasingly not having, forcing them to make tough decisions. College students and their families are the ones being disrupted in higher education because they are the people really paying for it. When colleges are faced with budget cuts and increasing costs, there go to source for more income is their students and student’s families by increasing tuition. It is easy to put the burden of higher expenses on students because, at least today, the demand and value of a college education is still perceived to be high, allowing them to get away with price hikes. Because of this, four-year colleges and universities are becoming more unaffordable for many qualified people, and more loans are being taken out every year. College Unbound explains 5 disruptions in higher education, and I think the value gap is one that is important and shows a possible scenario for future college students. Jeffery J. Selingo from College Unbound explains, “College graduates struggling in a tough economy or overwhelmed by student-loan debt are questioning the value of their degrees…” Not only is the high costs and student loan debt having students and graduates questioning degree values, but according to Selingo from a survey, “…over half of American’s think that the higher education system is doing a poor or fair job in providing value for the money spent.” Americans see the “premier” forms higher education as not being as valuable as their sticker prices, and that will cause major changes. People are beginning to realize that going to a four year university might not be worth its economic costs. This is disrupting students looking to go to college today by making other options more viable and popular. Qualified and overly qualified students for prestigious universities are going to community college more and more today simply because they cant afford the costs of large colleges. Also people are also starting to try non-traditional forms higher education that makes more sense economically. These unaffordable college costs, and students questioning these costs and choosing alternative forms of education is the disruption going on in today’s higher education.


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