College Admission

My family always told me, I would make a good journalist. Not because of my writing ability but because of my constant bickering and the need to get to the bottom of each story. Since coming to Occidental, I have joined the Admission Team to hopefully dig out any fundamental flaws that ran the system, after all they let someone like me into the school. Working closely with them, I was often bemused by their seemingly lack of efficiency and a display of a nonchalant attitude, unless money is involved. Also working in Telefund, I see their desperation and neediness when it comes down to donations and gifts to the school (shown by the recent episode of calling students and professors.) This sort of aggressive fundraising are often misunderstood. From College (un)bound we see the toughness that an admission and alumni team goes through each day. The Annual Fund funds all the fun and exciting opportunities that make Occidental unique. College (UN)Bound explains clearly how school needs to cut costs now given the rising costs, need of financial aid and competitions on-line, colleges will have to find new ways of funding an increasingly competitive environment for students to study. In order to lower tuition, Oxy came up with the annual fund. Currently students are only paying 2/3 of their full tuition, the other 1/3 (which includes all the fun club sports, study abroad programs and student initiatives) are exactly covered by the fund. This is the type of creativity that Barack Obama stated in his State of Union address.

While reading the book, the chapter of yeild rates going down reminded me of a recent Oxy Weekly article on early admission. ( At the time of reading the article, I agreed with the writer in the sense that early admission could ruin the diversity within campus. But after College (un)bound, it became clear that early admission is a clear way of solving the problems that admission is faced in terms of yield rates. The problem with ea


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