Although colleges have an illusion of being the direct pathway towards financial stability, reality has proven this belief incorrect. Colleges are not meritocratic because the idea of meritocracy does not exist. Socioeconomic status challenges meritocracy because people are exposed to different environments that are contingent upon their wealth. When students enter college, the “young people from higher socioeconomic backgrounds are typically better positioned to excel in the perquisites for college admission and success….They are more likely to attend better primary and secondary schools…” (Mettler, 25). Although there are a wide range of students (in terms of wealth) attending college, everybody starts off at a different foot and they face different pressures. Because students coming from wealthy families have been raised in environments that value education of the highest caliber, those who grow up in high income families today, going to college is a routine part of life-like getting childhood immunizations” (Mettler, 23). They have grown up in a resource filled environment that boosters learning. As a result, they do not have to worry about the monetary risks that most students have to face. Especially after the Great Recession, most students “have 50,000 in student loan debt and my B.A. is useless [because of] rising tuition and student indebtness” (Mettler, 23). For most students, college is a degree of inequality. It is a place that favors the rich and continues to oppress the poor. Education has become a system that mirrors the inequalities of society. It is not the American Dream that we all thought college was cut out to be.


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