Meritocracy in Education

To base higher education in meritocracy, there must be a systematic change to the way college is paid for rather than “top-down” changes that make colleges and universities themselves more diverse, but does little to fix the problem.  One quote that stuck out to me in the reading was “In fact, ample evidence reveals that neither changes in college readiness nor shifts in the demographic characteristics of college students go very far to explain the unimpressive college graduation rates”.  The author then discusses a study that found that rising costs in public education bears most of the blame for the trend.  Students need to work more in order to finance their education.  Many cannot graduate in the normal amount of time, and other give up their path to a degree.

Another problem that I found quite disturbing was the growth of for-profit schools in the United States.  They enrolled 1.6 percent of students in 1993 and 9.6 percent of students by 2010.  The number of for-profit schools has increased by a factor of three since 1990.  I believe this is a problem because a group like the Apollo Group is ultimately driven by profit, not student interest.  This is evident when considering the fact that companies like Apollo invest their profits in recruitment rather than themselves or their operations.  The product turns out to be what I liken to a propaganda machine rather than an institution that cares about their students.


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