Navigating the economics in society today is a lot different for my generation compared to the previous generations. Nothing is straight-forward; one thing does not necessarily lead to another. We are now in a time in which stability is nonexistent. Nowadays, young adults like me try to move up the ranks towards employment by offering free labor. We must put ourselves out there in “an act of selflessness that also aids a career, a form of barter (labor in exchange for training, contacts, experience, etc) or a brilliant investment in the future” (Perlin,124). Internships require us to jump through more hoops in hopes of securing of a job. It is a “delayed gratification; interns and their families are making a risky, potentially high-yield investment…ponying up for a payoff in the near future (Perlin, 126). No matter what, the young suffer. No taken route guarantees financial stability, even the path of higher education. Although America gives of the impression of “education…the path to ‘the land of milk and honey’ “ (Silva, 1), many students do not receive the value that the education claims to entail. In fact, the competition in the work force is so big that “sheet of paper [his degree] cost so much and does no good…[colleges] could do better to help kids out” (Silva, 2). As a result, students take on low-paying jobs that have nothing to with their careers. They cannot become financially stable, and they live day by day. As the world changes, the difficulty of making it into work force becomes even more difficult, and one must versatile in expanding his/her methods of acquiring a ob.


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