Challenges Faced By The Millennials

In many ways, I believe that my generation also faces some of the same issues that Brandon faces. After graduating college or even graduate schools, many post-grads feel optimistic about finding a stable job; however, they dreams of finding a good job is shattered as they enter the real world and realize how competitive getting a stable job is. Many millennials feel disheartened and deceived as their degrees are no longer valued as much. Four years of rigorous schooling, four years of paying high tuition for a better life—that’s what many perceive college as, however, they will reach a disappointing realization that this perception of college is false. Studying hard, excelling in classes, and doing a variety of extracurricular activities are no longer the only factors considered in finding a job—meritocracy is dying as society becomes more reliant on social connections and more reliant on the status of wealth. Those who have connections with big companies, such as Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs, have a better chance of attaining a job there simply because they know someone in there. This is unfair to other applicants, but sadly, this is how the work force is now. They hire depending on connections rather than on a person’s merits. These conditions that my generation faces only progressively worsens as the work force gets more competitive and the focus on merit shifts to the focus on connections.   


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