What unique conditions does your generation face as you come of age?

In our generation education continues to grow and more and more people are getting college degrees. This has made the job market for jobs requiring jobs significantly more competitive. This has arguably made the college degree less valuable for many students who have the education to have a certain job must settle for a lower paying job that often does not require a degree. This has made students more dependent on their parents making the ‘coming of age postponed. Previously three was three categories of development: infancy/childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Recently young adulthood has been added and it includes ages 18-25. This new observation may in part have been notice because people are taking more time to develop without the having to deal with the stress associated with providing for oneself. Of course people are having to deal with the stress of a higher amount of competition and uncertainty of their future. This difference in the type of stress may cause people to appear to develop differently than in the past because instead of finding their place in society early, there is a new period in which people are finding out their place in society. So these conditions that our generation face, may be expand more than just our finances and is perhaps impacting our biology.


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