What unique conditions does your generation face as you come of age?

As we graduate from college and come of age our generation is met with a variety of new challenges and situations which are difficult to prepare for. Adapting to these ever changing difficulties in the transition period from college to the work force is unpredictable and merciless. Life of a college graduate has changed tremendously over the last few decades. In her book, “Coming Up Short: Working Class Adulthood in the Age of Uncertainty”, Jennifer Silva describes a variety of features and situations present in the lives of young adults who have graduated from college. Silva also iterates that “by 2009, almost 50% of the people ages eighteen to twenty-four and 10% of those twenty-five to thirty four were living with parents, compared to 35% and seven percent, respectively” (Silva 4). Statistically present day college students have found it very difficult to get well paying jobs with the degrees they have worked so hard for. I believe that since so many people are going to college now, the value of a college degree has gone down because it is no longer a rarity or specialty. In today’s economy there are so many people with college degrees that people have to compete with for jobs. Silva also gives numerous examples of college graduates who have left college and ended working in a job which requires no college degree at all. These people have touched the blue collar workforce and attempted to make a living within it, but there was so much competition that they were forced to settle for a lower paying job. As Silva goes onto explain, “young working class men and women employ emotional suffering as the new currency for adulthood; it is through managing this suffering within the self that they access the dignity and sense of forward-moving progress due adults” (Silva 19). College graduates are not only met with enormous challenges and competition when they enter the workforce, but they are also met with emotional instability due to this undetermined future. It is overwhelmingly stressful and nerveracking to consider that after so many years of going to college, there will be no ultimate prize or benefit at the end. After so much work, one is met with absolutely no compensation except for overwhelming debt. In todays society the concept of going to college and moving on to a well paying job which allows you to live comfortably for the rest of your life is not so much an expectation anymore, but a strong hope.


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