The Conditions My Generation Faces

As we know, attending college is something for which our generation strives. It has been drilled into us that college can be a pathway to achieve want to want to in life: our degree supposedly gives us a foot in the door. However, a quote somebody recently spoke to me describes the reality of the state of higher education: “College used to guarantee a job, now it only guarantees an interview.” In Coming of Age in the Risk Society, Jennifer Silva writes about Brandon, who was always told that education was the path to “the land of milk and honey.” However, Brandon finds himself unable to work in the field in which he majored, and is experiencing feelings of betrayal towards the whole college system and towards what he had been taught about the world through his entire upbringing.

To ensure any type of leg up, we are now not only encouraged to go to college, but to also have many other learning experiences (as many as we can) that we can add to our resume in order to make ourselves appear better than others. Everything is so much more of a competition. There are many more people fighting for the same positions because more people go to college than ever before. Just last night on the phone my dad told me that I am required to think of everything I do from now on in terms of how it adds to my resume, specifically with deciding what I am going to do this summer. Not only is my generation facing this competitiveness, but we are obviously facing insane tuition costs (which as we know might not even be worth it in the end)), and what comes along with this is the thousands of dollars in debt that many students face.


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