Working-class and adulthood

Recently the front-page of economist bares the title “The whole world is going to university”. The problem with going with university is evident, high student debts and no guarantee of job after graduation among them. This raises the question why people still go to university. If everyone goes to university, then no one goes to university, a simple theory put forward in the article. Even with the cost so evident and bear, we understand that without a university education, you simple lose out on people competing for the same thing as you.

The two readings that we were assigned showed case studies of how people who went to college never really got the  full benefits or the promise of universities unlocking doors. Why even bother going to college then? Well I personally think university degrees are a sign of signalling, to either your employees or future people you come in contact with that you can deal with a rigorous academia environment and can live within a routine. Unless you are doing some very scientific subject, personally I do not feel a degree is going to help you that much with the job market. The thing that makes the difference is what you make of it within the university. The connections you make, the experience you go through. Its more about preparing you for an adulthood away from your family and giving you the opportunity to seize what you can.

Personally, I have witnessed great growth within myself in the last years in occidental in terms of personal and professional. I was offered phenomenal opportunities to grow and meet people. But these opportunities were not handed to me, a lot of the times I have to actively seek them out, and that how one should make the most out of their university education.


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