Colleges are in a place and time where tides are starting to turn. Before, the idea of college was the intermediate step towards reaching the American Dream. However, all of that is being reevaluated, especially in the changing society today. These days, people wonder if it is worth its cost. Of course, “the difference in lifetime earnings between college and high school graduates ranges anywhere from $279,883 and $570,000”(Selingo, 122). and higher. However, it is known that there are many factors go into these amounts. One’s major, socioeconomic status, and the name of the university one goes to matters. Unfortunately, “not all colleges are created equal” (Selingo, 122). There are trends (for salaries) dependent on majors and universities. However, the data has not been quantititatively collected so “in the absence of data, it is easier for colleges to sell the dream of higher education at any cost…” (Selingo, 122). This can create a large problem in higher education because dishonesty will occur and consumers will have misconceptions of college.

Colleges must also debunk different beliefs. It is a common belief and “we have known for years that if you want to make money, major in engineering, not English” (Selingo, 129). However, the problem may be rooted in the relevance of course load towards jobs after college. Colleges need to better prepare their students before their entrance into the work force. This can be done with internships and research projects. Colleges can better equip their students by making them “someone who has added to my area of study…” (Selingo, 151). Students need to not only learn, but also contribute. The active engagement of students can boost college ratings, job employments, and opportunities for learning and teaching.


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