Challenges and Opportunities

As we have learned throughout this class there are any challenges that exist for the future of college but there are also many opportunities that exist for the future of college. One current challenge with colleges is that transferring is becoming more and more common. This increase in transferring college is due to the issue of price as well as the increase in demand. However, this increase in transfers also leads to a decrease in the value of the education. One issue that is brought up in this reading is the way that classes are valued. A one credit hour is described as “one hour of directly faculty instruction and two hours of work outside of the class during each week of the semester” (112), which puts the value of the education only on the time spent on a class and not about the knowledge or skills that are gained from that class. Another issue is that the value of a college education is often based on the average earnings of graduates but the problem with this is that while the earnings of graduates are higher than that of those who have not gone to college, salary is not an accurate representation of the benefits of a college education.

Colleges also have opportunities that will exist in the future. For example, the value of higher education is to enable students to understand the world around them and allows them to enhance their critical thinking skills. In this sense, it’s true that many graduates don’t use their majors after graduating but chances are that many of them use the critical thinking skills that they gained throughout their college experience.


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