Future for Colleges

In the future, I foresee an array of challenges because as technology gets more advanced, tuition costs will go up. Rising tuition costs not only go up because of advancement in technology, but also because of federal/state government budget cuts and student and institutions’ financial debts. The increased cost of attending college and the growing wage gap between the rich and the poor ultimately makes it difficult for everyone to gain accessibility to higher education. With limited accessibility, colleges will also begin to worry because they must admit a certain number of students in order to keep the institution alive. College nowadays seemed to be geared more towards career and learning how to land a successful job rather than learning knowledge for the sake of learning. And so I believe that liberal arts colleges will be on a verge of distinction because students may no longer see the appeal to learn for the sake of learning because a majority of their peers are attending vocational institutions in order to become more successful when they graduate. With this in mind, the fall of liberal art colleges will inhibit a great deal, students won’t be able to gain the critical thinking skills that can be fostered at these small schools and this is critical to gaining a better understanding of the real world after graduating.

However, I believe that there are many great opportunities that will come for the future of colleges, such as being able to conduct more experiments or gain more knowledge through technology (possibly with Oculus rift). With that in mind, students could make breakthroughs in business, medicine, engineering, etc. Students will be able to learn more than they possibly can and will be able to safely transition to the real world after graduation.


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