Future of College: Opportunities and Difficulties

The future of college and colleges face an uncertain future. More and more today the conventional idea of college that we have had for the last few decades is changing. One opportunity that seems obvious for the suture of colleges is the advancement in technology. Technology, if incorporated correctly, can provide significant benefits to college students all over the country. It also allows institutions to run more efficiently, reducing costs that are eventually burdened by the students. Many of the classic brick and mortar four-year colleges where students live on campus and go to class taught by professors have been reluctant to using online and more technology in their curriculum. I think these schools will suffer, while the schools that implement online coursework and technology in teaching will survive and thrive in the future. The number of people who are going to college today and desire a college education is also a huge opportunity. Its really becoming the norm for everyone to go to college, and schools that can learn to serve a variety of students efficiently will ultimately thrive. In terms of difficulties that colleges face, costs and peoples return of investment provide a difficulty. College (un)bound explains people are more often factoring in the earnings of graduates when choosing colleges to apply to and attend. Because college is now extremely expensive, students and prospective students are being forced to focus on graduate earning statistics more than others in the past might of had to. This will force colleges to change a lot in terms of how they attract students to their campuses as well as how and what they teach. There are majors that are known to earn more than others. Schools might start offering less majors by focusing on only offering majors that are proven to make students the most money in there careers. Therefore a challenge many institutions will face in the future is they way they attract students as people increasingly look to maximize “return of their investment” from attending college.


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