Liberal Arts College Challenges

Liberal arts colleges face many challenges in the future as the desire for vocational schooling increases due to the competitive job market and as the value of educational learning fades. Liberal arts face challenges such as cost/price, competition from other schools, changing demographics, balancing business with mission, and sustaining the residential college. These challenges become more prominent with time because society is slowly moving towards schools that build towards careers. Liberal arts schools will face bigger competition from other schools and in that, these schools may end up forgetting their historic mission—which is to provide students with a broad education that provides them the skills to think critically and act successfully in life. In our current times, our society demands students to come out of college with a great knowledge in their career fields and able to take on huge tasks, but liberal arts colleges do not do that exactly. Instead, liberal arts colleges give them the skills and tool box to let students learn how to take in evidence and think for themselves about how to handle the situation. Another problem is the changing demographics/prices and that students may now be leaning towards public schools because these vocational schools are designed to further a student in their career path and it is less costly. These problems may be difficult to overcome but it is possible if the admissions and faculty in liberal arts colleges work together.   


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