The Future of the Liberal Arts

There are many challenges and opportunities that face the future of the liberal arts. One of the main challenges is the fact that colleges already cost so much that many students only want to go to a college that will lead directly to a career. One of the most valuable aspects of a liberal arts education today is the fact that it helps students improve their critical thinking skills. While these skills are extremely valuable they do not directly prepare students for a certain career, it prepares them to think more critically and learn to be more understanding of the world that they live in. While this is an extremely valuable skill to have, as the cost of college keeps increasing, most students will not want or be able to spend that kind of money just to learn skills that will not even directly impact their future careers. Another challenge is that nowadays having only an undergraduate degree is not enough to get the high jobs that many students are aiming for. This means that the cost of a liberal arts education is not only the cost of the education itself but you also need to take into account the additional education you will need to get into your desired field. However, while there are many challenges that face the liberal arts, there are also many opportunities for a more diverse and efficient style of teaching due to the improving technology.


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