Critical Thinking

A lot of my time during high school and in fact during my time in Occidental, I feel as if I’m not actually learning, but in fact I am trying to remember the answers for a particular question. From Academically adrift the author states that ““These diverse concerns about the state of undergraduate education have served to draw attention to measuring whether students are actually developing the capacity for critical thinking and complex reasoning at college” (9).” Education nowadays focuses a lot more on the student’s ability to relay answers and not really drawing on any critical thought.

This could be due to the fact that our society is looking for more ways to quantify results. Quoting from the Bush administration, they wish to create an educational system with more accountability, and that is created through the means of SATS or any standardised tests. Tests that divert students from critical thought but into the realm of standardised thinking. One could link this back to Freire in how he believed that we are all being oppressed under the system that sets us into thinking in a certain way.

What our educational system needs is more freedom for students to express their thought and a platform to demonstrate their critical thought. This could minimise the memorisation part of the tests and increase the ability for students to problem solve.


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