The competition for Higher Education is getting bigger and bigger. Working in tele fund, I often hear how Occidental College is falling behind other small liberal arts colleges. The competition is certainly there, and in turn colleges are turning to more ways to differentiate themselves from the others. One such way is to spend more money on financial aid and investments that might outweigh the income the college’s intake. This as College Unbound argues is one of the disruptions of higher education. Other disruptions include “higher education is doing a poor job at providing value for the money spent” (71, Selingo); colleges receiving less money from the government and those colleges are beginning to rely heavily on the tuition as part of their running finance. In turn this creates a very dangerous situation. In Occidental College alone, 75% of the students are on Financial Aid, given how the financial packages in other schools are getting even more attractive, Occidental has to constantly come up with ways to improve their packages. This means that the tuition Occidental receives are getting smaller and smaller and yet the expectation of education remains unwavering. This means that colleges such as Occidental College will depend heavily on students who can pay the full tuition which in turn can create bias problems.

This is why in College Unbound, the author, Selingo discusses the possibility of colleges going completely online in the future. I however, don’t believe this would ever happen. The online platform lacks the physical aspect that colleges offer, while the size of colleges might decrease, I don’t believe the demand for colleges would go completely.


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