Future of Higher Education

It is almost common knowledge that tuition would simply keep going up, certainly the author of College Unbound, Selingo believes that with the tuition cost continuingly rising, students would simply turn to the online platform as the future of higher education. I can understand that thought and yet I would not fully agree with what he said. While I understand that technology will no doubt play a huge part in the future, the draw of physical contact with professors and campus learning simply outweigh the prospect of learning online. Selingo argues that students in colleges “has their life in college managed for them” (165, Selingo) and that they do not recognise the real world and how it works. This could in turn drive students who are in search of real vocational training away. I understand where the author is coming from, but without a degree, employers will not have any indication of whether the student can think like the other people within his or her generation or that if they can deal with the rigour of adulthood. College is often a good time for students to explore adulthood. I fully believe that the future of higher education will remain in physical campuses but stresses a lot more on technology and vocational training.


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