Future of Liberal Arts

Coming from Europe, almost no one knows what Liberal Arts College is. It is currently being trailed in Germany with mediocre success.  Liberal arts education really is an American invention that suites the model within America’s culture. Liberal Arts do not offer as much as a guarantee as some other vocational training universities offer and yet their tuition is often on par with each other. These liberal arts colleges such as Occidental “with small endowments try to catch up. They grind away, searching for six-figure donations and hoping for a seven-figure gift” (Ferrall, p. 25) Working in tele fund I understand how small the endowment Occidental College gets compared to its compared to its competitors, but in no way does this reflect on the satisfaction some of these students had in Occidental. Endowment is simply not part of the culture so many alumni are confused as to what to do when one of us calls them up. Ferrall said that liberal arts colleges must “adapt and survive” (Ferrall, p.68) and that is true, Liberal Arts education must try and accommodate more of the world affairs, remain diverse in terms of the subjects it offers and create a diverse environment for students to learn off each other.


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