Higher Ed Value

Look at the people who dominated our generation – Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, F Scott Fitzgerald even Oprah they all dropped out of college. Looking back in time there were people like Abraham Lincoln who turned out just fine. So this raises the question of whether education is really as necessary as branded.

My parents raised me to believe that no, education itself is actually unnecessary. My parents always align their thought with Freire where education simply is a way society box in your thoughts. Nonetheless the recognise the importance of me and my sibling going to college. They often stress that the friendship and contacts you make in college is irreplaceable.  Both my parents did not enjoy their educational experience, believing that the education that they received never really benefited them in the real world. However, the friends and relationships they’ve created were very beneficial to them in their later lives. They were able to secure business deals or create long-lasting relationships because of college. They found a group of motivated individuals who had a similar drive to themselves.

What I look to get out of my college years is a piece of paper at the end of my four years to signal to my employers that I can deal with the rigour of deadlines and have a basic knowledge of how the rest of my generation works. What are more important for me though are the relationships that I would make during my time here. I hope to meet people with a similar drive to myself that I could possibly build a better world and help each other achieve our goals.


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