Sex before Marriage?

In our day and age it is so common for people to have sex before they get married and our culture has brainwashed us to think that it is completely normal and fine to have sex before marriage. Kids nowadays grow up watching t.v and movies that portray sex as a fun act to do with a girl or boy.  Boys growing up and especially moving onto high school, are pressed upon by culture to have sex because it’s fun and cool. Our culture now believes that you are weird if you don’t have sex with another person when you are in high school or in college. A lot of the young men now think sex with a girl is a way to gain pride and is what turns you into a man. What ever happened to having respect for our own bodies and understanding that sex is a highly intimate act that was intended only for your wife. I think a real man is someone who waits until the night of their wedding day to tell their wife that they have waited and refrained themselves from sex all their lives just for them. Sex before marriage causes a lot of unwanted pregnancies in the world which leads to abortions and kids growing up without fathers or mothers. According to WHO, every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day. It is also estimated that  there are between 143 million and 210 million orphans worldwide according to the UNICEF report. Sex before marriage not only causes unwanted pregnancies but it also causes a whole lot of sexually transmitted diseases. More than 1 million sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are acquired every day worldwide killing millions of people. So now I ask the question if it is really worth having sex before marriage. We as people in this world need to open our eyes and understand the consequences our actions bring and love women and men for who they are and not their bodies. We shouldn’t allow culture to conform our morals and give sex a false disguise.



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