3.17 | Annotated Bibliography

What is an annotated bibliography? Find out more from Cornell Library

Compose an annotated bibliography of academic and primary sources, including relevant course readings, to support your argument about the most pressing problem in higher education, its causes, and students’ attempts to address the problem.

Be sure to use ASA Style for the citations.

Use this template to structure your submission.

For help finding sources, schedule an appointment with a Peer Research Adviser or a professional consultant in the library.

What is an annotated bibliography?
It’s a survey of background literature that may be relevant to the research you are conducting. The survey includes three parts:
1) The full citation of the source
2) A brief (1-3 sentence) description of the main idea or argument of the source
3) A few sentences or bullet points about how the source is specifically relevant to your research (e.g., does it have an important chart or statistics? A useful bibliography? A counter argument that you’d like to address? An important idea you’d like to quote?)

What kind of sources?
The sources for this annotated bibliography come from three places:
1) Relevant Course Readings: Review the syllabus for readings we have done or will do over the course of the semester.
2) A thoughtful search for news articles: Use links in the Blog Roll, such as The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed, at the bottom of this site to find relevant news.
3) A well-informed search for Academic Literature: Search Google Scholar and Library Databases to find academic articles. Proquest ERIC, Proquest Sociological Abstracts, and JSTOR will be the most relevant.
How many sources?
The answer to this depends on what is available. Here is a guide for each source type:
1) Course Readings: Include all that are relevant.
2) News Articles: For this assignment, choose 3-5. You may want to continue to use those you discovered while writing essay 2.
3) Academic Articles: Create a search that gets you to a list of 25-50 articles. Choose the 10 most relevant for inclusion in the annotated bibliography. If you can’t find 10 relevant articles from your list of 25-50, try different search terms or a different database.
Submission: Submit the annotated bibliographies via Google Doc Folder with the file name LastName_Annotated_Bibliography.


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